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Mastering Rates:

1 track: £40

2 tracks: £75

3 tracks: £110

4 tracks: £140

5 tracks: £170

6 tracks: £200

7 tracks: £225

8 tracks: £250

9 tracks: £275

10 tracks: £295

11+: extra £20 per track


Additional Master of the same song (instrumental, single edit etc):

£10 per song.

Additional Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) master:

£5 per song.

This is a process for optimising the sound of the masters for iTunes, according to Apple’s guidelines. Please contact me for more info.

Additional vinyl pre-master:

£5 per song.

If you are releasing your record on both CD/digital and vinyl then a separate vinyl master is recommended. The way that volume is achieved on a vinyl record is completely different to a CD, and the limiting that is used to bring up the level of a digital master only serves to remove the peaks from a vinyl record and damages clarity and punch. A separate vinyl master will also typically be sent at a slightly higher resolution as it is not constrained by the limitations of playback devices such as CD players and ipods.

Additional formats (mp3, 24bit wav, FLAC etc):

£2 per song

I can also embed your artwork in any formats that support this for no extra cost.

Submission to Gracenote:

£20 per record

This ensures that your CD information/song titles show up correctly when the CD is placed in a computer. You can do this yourself pretty easily from iTunes but I can handle it, if you prefer, for a small charge..


Unlimited revisions of the same mix are free, within reason. Revisions that involve the client submitting a new mix will be charged at the hourly rate of £50/hr, never exceeding £40 per track.


DDPi master - FREE.

A DDPi is a digital image that a replication/duplication plant can use to manufacture an audio CD. As this takes less time than burning and error checking a CDR, and is better for the environment, there is no extra charge.

CDR master - £20.

Includes one master CDR, fully error checked and burned on Taiyo Yuden media, one reference CDR, plus 1st class royal mail shipping if required.

Extra CDR reference copies - £5 each.



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